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As a business or organisation, your branding is a visual statement about who you are.

You might be operating a great business or producing a first rate product, but it's ultimately your brand design and visual identity that will form the basis of potential customers' initial impression of you.
Whether you’re launching a new brand, or repositioning an existing one to reach new markets, we help you tell your story through the creation of consistent visual identities and strategic branded campaigns. We unlock value and help you engage effectively with the right audience.
And how do we do that? We start by defining your brand’s goals and then create a framework to help you reach them. We are a full-service branding agency and treat branding, design and marketing as being fundamentally linked. The result is stunning visual identities, compelling brand stories and real connections that drive growth.
We build visibility through consistency.

Is your organisation having an existential crisis? Let’s pow wow.

Identity and logo creation

What does your brand design say about you? Differentiate yourself from your competitors with unique visual identity and logo creation.

Style guidelines

Keep your company style consistent with comprehensive and clear printed and digital visual style guides.

Brand strategy & positioning

Is your branding in need of a little TLC? We can help with everything from a minor brand refresh to repositioning you to reach new markets.

Campaign planning

We work with you to ensure that your next marketing campaign doesn't turn into a series of unplanned reactions to unanticipated events.


Branding runs deeper than just having a nice visual identity. Tell your story and connect emotionally with your target market.

Image & language guidelines

We curate image libraries and provide language guidelines to ensure that your communications remain consistent and on-brand.

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City of Port Phillip
City of Port Phillip